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Product Description

Organic Sugarcane Jaggery/Gur proves to be one of the best alternatives to white sugar. The organic gud from Homeburps is an absolute delight for those craving for gur! With perfect concentrations of essential minerals and vitamins, this particular product offers the taste of sugar sans the drawbacks associated with it. Although sugarcane jaggery is available throughout the year, it is mostly used and easily available during the winters.

    Nutritional breakdown
    Extracted from sugarcane, this product contains almost 98% carbohydrates with low calories. Additionally, organic sugarcane jaggery also contains generous concentrations of fiber and iron.

      Health benefits
      Apart from treating irritable bowel syndrome, Gur delivers incredible results in strengthening your body’s immunity. Other than that, regular consumption of the product leads to the treatment of disorders such as cough, common cold, flu, and migraine. For women facing menstrual mood swings, jaggery consumption seems to be the best option. Sugarcane Jaggery stimulates bowel movements, thus relieving you of severe constipation issues. Consuming jaggery on a daily basis will have a cleansing effect on your body, and act as an effective detoxifying agent. With powerful antioxidants such as selenium and zinc, it also damages free radicals in your body.

        Usage patterns
        Organic gud can be consumed as a healthy sweet-bite post meals. It has traditionally been consumed with milk for ages. In teas, it is used as a healthy substitute for sugar. Gud is also used to make various types of chutneys like raw mango chutney, sour grapes chutney etc. Those with a sweet tooth can use it to make sweets such as Barfi, chikki etc.

          Sugarcane Jaggery offers easy storage. With a shelf-life of approximately 3 to 4-months, this product must be stored in airtight jar-like containers, as it absorbs moisture from the air.

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          500 gms, 1 kg

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