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Product Description

How about getting the unique health benefits of ginger wrapped in mouth-watering taste and pleasing aroma? Introducing our Shredded Ginger or Adrak Lachcha pickle – prepared without oil but with lot of care and love. It comes loaded with great taste and health! Whether it is complementing your classic Indian culinary delights or spicing up your continental cuisines, our shredded ginger pickle will prove to be the perfect option.

Nutritional Content
With extracts of market-fresh ginger, our Shredded Ginger pickle is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Additionally, the product contains anti-inflammatory properties along with hosts of antioxidants. Our Shredded Ginger pickle is also a fantastic source of essential minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium.

Health Benefits
Our Adrak Lachcha pickle will put up the greatest fight against free radicals. The absence of oil in the pickling process will further help you regulate your cholesterol levels. Consumption of this product will also reduce possibilities of heart diseases. Those suffering from chronic arthritis must opt for this product at once.

Ways to Cherish
Our Adrak Lachcha pickle will be a nice partner to your chapatis and kachoris. For an innovative rendition, you can also mix it with chaats and impart the right amount of taste and tang!

Storage Tips
Keep our shredded ginger pickle containers in a cool and dry place, preferably away from moisture and humidity.

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