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Product Description

Vermicelli or Sevaiyan can be considered as one of the integral part of Indian royal cuisines. From highly delectable desserts to salty and spicy dishes, Sevaiyan acquires a significant spot in a gamut of Indian recipes. Our uncertified organic vermicelli is completely hand-made and hence lends a traditional flavor to the dishes, unlike the factory manufactured vermicelli. Quite inevitably, you will experience the authentic taste, flavor and aroma while cooking it. Also considered as one of the renditions of Italian Pasta and Chinese noodles, the Indian vermicelli is a treasure trove of essential minerals too.

Nutritional Content
The uncertified organic Sevaiyan is rich in carbohydrates. Other than that, the product is also an excellent source of dietary fiber. Eating vermicelli will also fetch you the nutritional benefits of Vitamin A, calcium as well as iron. And the product is also devoid of additional fat content.

Health Benefits
Uncertified organic Vermicelli will keep your cholesterol levels in control. Moreover, the presence of fiber acts as an agent in healthy weight loss. Vermicelli also boosts heart health and reduces the possibilities of cancer. Apart from that, vermicelli ensures that your BP levels stay completely under control. Moreover, the product also fulfills your daily requirements of protein.

Vermicelli or Sevaiyan recipes
The uncertified organic Vermicelli offers you the rare opportunity of preparing sweet and savory dishes. You can mix it with fresh milk, crunchy cashews, and a hint of clove, cardamom as well as cinnamon. What you get is the quintessential Indian Sevaiyan porridge. Or you can also take the unconventional route and prepare Sevaiyan pulao with it.

Storage Tips
Store the uncertified organic vermicelli in a dry and cool place, away from moisture.

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