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Product Description

Imagine savoring the heavenly taste of fresh plums with every bite of hot chapatis. If your heart is already jumping with excitement, why not treat your taste palates to this extraordinary condiment. Well, with the availability of our all-natural plum chutney, you will have the perfect opportunity of doing that. With extraordinary taste, excellent flavor, and smooth texture, our all-natural Plum Chutney will satiate your cravings in the best manner.

    Nutritional Content
    The natural plum chutney happens to be an amazing source of essential minerals and vitamins. With the goodness of fresh plums, the product contains Vitamin A, C, and K. Additionally; the product also offers the health benefits of riboflavin, niacin, thiamine as well as Vitamin E. Potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc are some of the minerals present in it.

      Health Benefits
      With such nutritional compounds, the natural plum chutney helps you combat free radicals. Regular consumption of this chutney will also help you find solutions to your obesity problems. As the product retains almost all the nutritional properties of the fruit, our natural plum chutney keeps diabetes at bay along with reducing possibilities of osteoporosis.

        Ways to Cherish
        The natural plum chutney can be a good partner to rava dosa or utthapam. You can also use it while preparing the highly palatable classic Indian Chats and enjoy its finger-licking taste! Mix it with plain water and dip your golgappa in it. Culinary innovation simply can’t get better than this!

          Storage Tips
          Keep your natural plum chutney in a dry and cool place, far away from sunlight.

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          500 gms

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