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Product Description

From regular meals at home to grand celebrations, tasty and homemade snacks play a vital role in the classic Indian platter. Since time immemorial, delightful Indian snacks have been a crucial part of every Indian festival or celebration. Especially, in some of the Northern and Southern Indian states, authentic Indian Papad happens to be an inseparable part of the festive menu. Our Sabudana Papad ranks amongst those special Indian snacks.

Whether it’s simply a Sunday evening or Diwali celebrations, our uncertified organic Sabudana Papad will make every celebration special for you!

Nutritional Content
As you grab a bite of our Sabudana papad, you can be sure of receiving the goodness of proteins. The product also happens to be a rich source of iron and calcium. By adding it to your regular dietary regimen, you will also get the benefits of dietary fiber.

Health Benefits
Our Sabudana Papad will prove to be a great boost to good health. Some of its unique health benefits include improvement in blood pressure levels as well as the digestive process. It’s also a wholesome food. Munch on a piece of our Sabudana Papad, and you will not have to eat anything for long.

Savoring the Taste
Apart from tea and other beverages, our uncertified organic Sabudana Papad will be the perfect partner to khichri and other Indian delicacies. You can also have it as a solo snack. Its great for your fasting days too!

Storage Tips
Store our Sabudana Papad in airtight containers, away from moisture, thus keeping the crispiness intact.

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