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Product Description

When it comes to treating your vegetarian guests and friends, you are often at a loss of options. Even if you are successful in deciding the main course, the problem arises while deciding the snacks. With our homemade and tasty Palak Papad, you have some great news ahead. Fresh, crispy, and crunchy, our Palak papad will serve as the tastiest snack for your tea-time. You can also have it as an accompaniment to your main-course. Grab a pack of our handmade Palak papad now, and let your esteemed guests experience an appetizing affair.

Nutritional Contents
Roast it or fry it, our crunchy Palak Papad will offer you the goodness of fresh spinach leaves. With generous concentrations of Vitamin A, C, and very low calories, our Palak Papad will prove to be good for your health. The product is also a storehouse of essential minerals like copper, magnesium, and zinc.

Health Benefits
Spinach ranks amongst the healthiest foods. And our Palak Papad contains handsome amounts of spinach. By taking it along with your regular meals, you will keep digestive disorders away.

Ways to Cherish
From conventional to contemporary, you can have our Palak Papad in a variety of ways. Break it into pieces and sprinkle it on your hot khichri. You can also make it into a Papad chat with a tinge of chat masala, mustard oil, tomato ketchup, and tamarind juice.

Storage Tips
Store our handmade and tasty Palak Papad in a cool and dry place, away from moisture.

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