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Product Description

Curry Patta Papad/Papadum is a fragrant delight that can be eaten as a solo snack or as an accompaniment with meals. Our Curry Patta Papad is the result of continuous innovations in the kitchen and is unique in its own might due to the distinct Curry Patta flavor and aroma.

It is prepared with Urad Dal / Black gram flour as the base, which is blended with the aromatic and nutritious Curry Patta leaves that double the joy of savoring papads.

Health Benefits
Generally, Papad is a great appetizer! While Roasted or grilled papads taste great and help to absorb the fatty material from the mouth and throat, they should be eaten moderately. As Papads are made from lentils, hence are gluten-free, rich in protein and dietary fiber.

As Curry Patta Papad has the vital Curry Leaves, it has much more to offer than just the appetizing taste of the papad. Curry leaves are a treasure trove of vital nutrients like carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, thiamine, carotene and folic acid.

Making the Curry Leaves Papad a part of your dietary regime will impart the benefits of curry leaves consumption to your body. Curry leaves makes your skin supple and soft, keep liver healthy, are good for the eyes, good for anemic people, reduce bad cholesterol in the body, aid digestion, etc.

Ways to Savour
Curry Patta Papad is an all time delight! It is a great accompaniment with drinks, mocktails and meals. It can be eaten as a starter or snack dish or may even be used in preparing ‘papad curry’ It makes bland food interesting- for routine Dal-rice, just crush a papd coarsely and mix it with your meal and see the magic work in your mouth.

To be stored in air tight container, away from moisture.

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