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Product Description

Whether you have a few unexpected guests on Sunday, or it’s just your kids pestering for a homemade palatable delight, nothing really matches the classic Indian Potato Papad. Irrespective of the situation and the people around, our handmade Potato Papad will emerge as your life-saver. Just fry a few of them and serve along with flavored tea, or churn them into Papad chat, our uncertified organic Aloo Papad will fit into every recipe. Have it with your favorite dishes or anything you like; our Potato Papad will never fail to excite you.

Nutritional Content
Prepared with utmost attention, care, and love, our Potato Papad is a combination of great taste and good health. You will inevitably find lots of essential minerals and vitamins in it. The preparation process includes oil, salt, and fresh potatoes. Therefore, you can be sure of getting Vitamin C and A.

Health Benefits
Our Potato Papad is prepared from fresh potatoes. As the result, it will help you meet the starch requirements of your body. If you are recovering from prolonged weakness or fever, our Potato Papad will rejuvenate your taste buds. It also helps in the process of digestion.

How to Savor?
There are numerous ways of relishing our uncertified organic Potato Papad. You can have it with hot beverages such as tea or coffee, or also, prepare an authentic Indian snack with it. Irrespective of the dish, our Potato Papad will perfectly titillate your taste buds.

Storage Tips
Keep our Potato Papad in airtight containers and store them up for 6 months.

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