Navratan Chutney - Oil Free, Preservative, Dry Fruit Chutney
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Product Description

Go nuts with the scintillating taste of this sweet

  • – tangy – nutty Navratan chutney!


Our Navratan Chutney is a heavenly blend of fresh date palms, raisins, and cashews. it also contains Fruit Pulp, Cumin Powder, Large Cardamom Powder, Common Salt, Sugar, Dates, Raisins, Cashew, Mixed Essential Spice Oil, and other condiments and spices.

These unique ingredients impart a nutty texture to the chutney, thus offering an unusual combination of smoothness and crispiness in every bite. It also contains Acidity Regulator (INS 260).

With date palms, cashews, and raisins as its main ingredients, our Navratan Chutney is a depository of iron-rich compounds. Apart from that, this particular Chutney also fulfils your body’s requirements of many other and minerals.

Oil Free
Our premium Navratan Chutney is completely devoid of oils. Health freaks will have precious little to worry about their health goals while having it.

Zero Preservatives
Get natural taste with our all-natural Navratan Chutney. The product contains natural conservatives and is devoid of artificial preservatives. Chutney lovers will inevitably have a healthy and tasty experience.

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220 gms, 450 gms

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