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Product Description

Think of a perfect camaraderie between luscious mangoes and authentic Indian spices. If the thought itself is exciting enough, then you will inevitably achieve a sense-stimulating experience with our Mango Chutney. The product is a palatable blend of legendary Indian mangoes with classic Indian spices. Apart from its exotic taste, our Mango Chutney also serves as a tasty side-kick to numerous dishes. Take it along with any dish of your choice, and experience great taste and good health.

    Nutritional Content
    Mangoes are rich sources of essential vitamins and minerals. Quite inevitably, that makes our natural Mango Chutney a storehouse of useful nutritional compounds. The product is an excellent source of carbohydrates, sodium and protein. Additionally, it also contains generous concentrations of anti-oxidant compounds along with Vitamin A and copper.

      Health Benefit
      With such highly significant nutrients, our Mango Chutney boosts your immune system alongside protecting you against free radicals. The product also helps in regulating your blood pressure levels and aids in the process of digestion. Having our Mango Chutney with your daily meals will also facilitate the blood detoxifying process.

        Ways to Cherish
        There are numerous ways to savor the delicious taste of our Mango Chutney. You can smear it on freshly fried parathas or have it with piping hot khichri. Prepare spicy chicken delicacies with our Mango Chutney and create a culinary innovation!

          Storage Tips
          Keep our Mango Chutney jars in a cool and dry place, away from moisture. The product comes with a 1-year shelf life.

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            500 gms

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