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Product Description

With the legendary taste of fresh mangoes, the all-natural Mango Chutney will transform even the worst chutney haters into passionate lovers. A unique aroma, the perfect tangy touch, as well as splendid flavors; these are the attributes that define this natural mango chutney. Make it a part of your regular meals or just spread it on your poppadums, the all-natural mango chutney will take your culinary experience to unsurpassed heights.

Nutritional Content
One of the major benefits of consuming our natural Mango Chutney is its nutritional compounds. The product is replete with generous concentrations of proteins and carbohydrates. Apart from that, the product is also a rich source of Vitamin A and C. Essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron are also present. It is also a rich source of antioxidants.

Health Benefits
Just like a mango everyday will keep several health disorders at bay, the natural mango Chutney will promote good health in the best possible manner. Adding it to your meals will help you fight free radicals alongside keeping body-cholesterol levels under check. Our mango chutney plays the key role in regulating diabetes and maintains your body’s alkali reserves.

Ways to Savor
Brighten up boring chapatis with a dollop of fresh cheese and our natural mango chutney. Or you can also use it as a taste enhancer for your masala papadums. The natural mango chutney also plays the perfect side-kick to the delectable Indian curries. Use it in salads or sandwiches and add an exotic touch to these dishes.

Storage Tips
Store our natural Mango Chutney in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.

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