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Product Description

Quite similar to the tortilla preparation, Rice Kachri is one of the significant delicacies of the quintessential Indian kitchen. Whether you choose it for your tea-time or take it with full-course meals, it qualifies as the greatest appetizer of all times. Especially, if you choose the uncertified organic Rice Kachri, its crispiness and crunchy taste will inevitably make you fall in love with it.

    Nutritional Content
    Although considered as a snack, the uncertified organic Rice Kachri is not without its fair share of nutritional value. The product contains the goodness of rice flour. Therefore, it will be a rich source of essential minerals and vitamins. Rice Kachri contains magnesium, iron and calcium along with traces of dietary fiber. As the desired result, it titillates your taste buds alongside offering amazing health benefits.

      Health Benefits
      Rice Kachri can strengthen your digestive functioning, by aiding the digestive process.

        Ways to Relish
        Those wishing to please their palates with uncertified organic Kachri rice can fry them. Health freaks also have the opportunity of roasting these products and having them with a cup of hot tea or frothing coffee. Apart from that, you can also use raw and uncooked Kachri rice in several Indian curries.

          Storage tips
          Proper storage of the product is of paramount importance. Keep it in a cool and dry place, away from moisture. Choose air-tight containers for storage as it will restore its crispiness.

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