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Product Description

Obtained from grating and drying fresh coconut meat, the Dessicated Coconut Sugar happens to be a tasty topping for numerous Asian culinary delights. Whether it is your baked cookies or cooked cereals, our Dessicated Coconut Sugar is capable of taking the dish to unsurpassed heights. Those wishing to develop a dietary regime focused on whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh vegetables must think of including our coconut sugar in their diet. Additionally, the product also offers several health benefits too.

Nutritional Content
By adding our Dessicated Coconut Sugar in your baked desserts or food items, you will receive the goodness of Vitamin B-12. With a low glycemic index, the product adds minimum amounts of calories to your diet. Another nutritional aspect about this product is the presence of highly essential minerals. Our Dessicated Coconut Sugar is rich in selenium, copper, manganese and dietary fiber.

Health Benefits
Those suffering from pancreatic disorders should attain relief by consuming this product. Adding our Dessicated Coconut Sugar to your culinary preparations helps improve your kid’s health. Other than that, the product acts as a potent sweetening agent, thus improving BP levels. If you are suffering from anemia, this product will be good for consumption.

Ways to Relish
Our Dessicated Coconut Sugar is the perfect baking agent for muffins and cakes. Sprinkle it on top of your pancakes and waffles or highly palatable curries for that added taste.

Storage Tips
Place our Dessicated Coconut Sugar containers in cool and dry place, away from moisture.

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