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Product Description

From soups and noodles to bread and cheese, black pepper powder has always proved to be one of the most liked and preferred condiments in the Indian kitchen. Apart from being a prime cooking ingredient, black pepper and cumin are great taste enhancers too. Your taste affair will remain incomplete without these two unique condiments in your cookhouse.

How about experiencing the unique taste of both these ingredients in a single product? Well, that’s what you get to do with our handmade Cumin-Black Pepper Papad. With a legendary homemade taste and spectacular flavor, our delectable Cumin-Black Pepper Papad will surely take you for a taste-trip!

Nutritional Content
Although Papad primarily happens to be an appetizer or taste enhancer, it has additional benefits too. Prepared with Urad Dal\Black Gram as base combined with cumin and black pepper, our Cumin-Black Pepper Papad is a storehouse of essential minerals and vitamins. You will also find proteins, dietary fiber, and sodium in it.

Health Benefits
With such nutritious ingredients, our handmade Cumin-Black Pepper Papad will undoubtedly fulfill your body’s requirement of high-quality nutrition. Our special and hygienic manufacturing process will further improve its quality. By having it with your regular meals, you will also keep digestive issues away.

How to Relish
From roasting the Cumin-Black Pepper Papad and teaming it up with mocktails to preparing a chat, there are numerous ways of savoring its great taste. Create your own recipe and simply take the plunge!

Storage Tips
Store our Cumin-Black Pepper Papad in airtight containers, and keep them away from moisture.

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