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Product Description

As an extremely healthy tropical fruit, coconut happens to be a rich source of essential minerals. With innumerable health-promoting compounds, this particular fruit ensures great health like never before! Whether it is the sap, inner cavity or outer layer, every single part of this fruit finds application in numerous cooking endeavors. The latest addition to this list of incredible coconut dishes is coconut vinegar. As a natural substitute for balsamic and apple cider vinegar, this particular product adds taste and flavor to your food preparations alongside keeping your healthy goals intact.

Nutritional Content
Our coconut vinegar is manufactured from fresh coconut sap, obtained from coconut blossoms. With a Glycemic Index of as low as 35, our coconut vinegar will inevitably ensure great health. Apart from that, the product happens to be an excellent source of minerals, amino acids, broad-spectrum B vitamins as well as Vitamin C. Neutral pH balance assures its non-acidic nature.

Health Benefits
Regular consumption of the product will prove to be highly beneficial for diabetic patients. Our coconut vinegar will also improve your BP levels. As the most desired consequence, you will experience great cardiac functioning. With numerous minerals such as iron, potassium and manganese, our Coconut Sugar will help in proper biological as well as muscle functioning.

Ways to Relish
Apart from using it for marinades or dressings, you can also use coconut vinegar in continental cuisines. Adding a drop or two in your culinary preparations will enhance their taste in a unique manner.

Storage Tips
Store our coconut vinegar in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.

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