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Product Description

As the adverse effects of high fructose containing corn syrup and sugar go rampant, consumers are increasingly placing reliance on natural alternatives. And our natural coconut sugar ranks amongst those highly effective sweetening substitutes. With low GI and low fructose, our coconut sugar will meet your sugar requirements without inflicting fatal blows on your blood sugar levels. Additionally, the product happens to find application in both desserts and spicy food preparations.

    Nutritional Content
    High nutrition is something you get in our natural coconut sugar. Apart from the natural benefits of fresh coconuts, our coconut sugar contains essential minerals too. Phosphorous, Copper, Iron and zinc are some of the highly useful minerals present in this product. Magnesium, calcium and manganese, as well as Vitamin B, are some of the other compounds present in it.

      Health Benefits
      Adding our natural Coconut Sugar to your food preparations will prove to be the healthiest way of strengthening your digestive system as well as immunity. The product also promotes healthy muscles alongside facilitating the cell development process. Vitamins strengthen your nervous system as well as play a significant role in improving your metabolic function.

        Ways to Relish
        Whether it is for baking cakes, preparing smoothies or making pancakes, our natural coconut sugar will serve as the taste as well as appearance enhancer. You can also use it as a sweetening agent while preparing classic Indian curries. Pure taste, fun, and indulgence simply can’t get better than this!

          Storage Tips
          Keep our coconut sugar in air-tight containers and place them in a dry, cool place, away from moisture.

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