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Product Description

If you are looking for some of the unique Southeast Asian ingredients and condiments for belting out mouth-watering delicacies, our Coconut Milk Powder will emerge as the most revered option. Manufactured from unsweetened coconut cream through the spray-drying process, our Coconut Milk Powder adds a unique flavor, taste and aroma to your food preparations. From continental cuisines to classic Indian dishes, there is no denying the significance of this great cooking condiment.

Nutritional Content
Our Coconut Milk Powder will fulfill your body’s demand for iron and phosphorous. Other than that, it also contains generous amounts of copper and Vitamin C. Adding our Coconut Milk Powder to your dishes will fulfill your body’s protein deficiency. The product happens to be an amazing source of dietary fiber and low calories.

Health Benefits
As a rich source of iron, our coconut milk powder will help you fight fatigue and dizziness. Other than that, the product facilitates weight loss leading to a svelte physique. Those suffering from hemorrhoids and constipation will also notice significant improvements in their digestive functioning. The product also improves arthritic conditions and helps in curing anemia.

Ways to Cherish
From Thai delicacies to Chinese soups, our Coconut Milk Powder finds application in diverse preparations. Mix it with boiling water and continue stirring till the formation of a concentrated solution. Add it to your dishes and get tasty and aromatic gravy.

Storage Tips
Store our coconut milk powder packets in air-tight containers and store them in cool, dry place, away from moisture.

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