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Product Description

Chana -Methi Masala Papad
Your tea-time is one of the most special times of the day. It is during this period that you unite with the entire family, and share a word or two with them. Won’t you wish to make it more special? If there’s an affirmative reply, you will require arranging two things. The first one is a cup of freshly brewed tea\coffee and the second most important thing is our Chana -Methi Masala Papad.

With the mouthwatering taste and refreshing aroma of Chana and fenugreek, our Chana -Methi Masala Papad will prove to be a unique item in your kitchen.

Nutritional Content
As a combined product of Chana and Methi, this particular product will prove to be a storehouse of essential minerals. By taking it regularly, you will receive the health benefits of protein, dietary fiber, and carbohydrate consumption. The presence of gram flour extracts and salt powder will further enhance its nutritional value.

Health Benefits
Our handmade Chana -Methi Masala Papad will help you take a significant step towards great health. Apart from satiating your taste palates, this particular product will also improve your digestive system. With the extracts of Chana and Methi, our Chana -Methi Masala Papad will also prove to be a wholesome food.

Savoring Tips
Nothing can get better than having our Chana -Methi Masala Papad in the fried, roasted, oven-baked, or any other form you can think of. You can also drop a few chopped pieces of onion and tomato, and prepare a tasty chat with it.

Storage tips
Keep our Chana -Methi Masala Papad in an airtight container, away from moisture.

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