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Product Description

If you wish to achieve great taste with good digestion, then cultivate the kitchen habit of adding our Buknu masala to your everyday food. Made on the lines of age old recipes, our Haazmi Buknu masala contains perfect balance of authentic Indian spices and essential herbs.

The origin of Buknu dates back to the ancient times when it was hailed as one of the healthiest spice blend with ample medicinal properties. Prepared with utmost care and dedication, our Buknu Masala contains the goodness of some of the healthiest and natural Indian spices. It even finds a mention in Ayurveda.

Discovering the Magical Ingredients
With valuable ingredients like Common Salt, Turmeric, Black Salt, Black Pepper, Bayvering, Dry ginger Powder, Bishops Seed, Cumin Seed Powder Myrobalan Small, Dried Amla Powder Myrobalan Big, Rock Salt, Asafoetida And Other Spices, Herbs and Condiments our Buknu/ Powdered Spice Mix will add zest and zing to your regular food platters.

Ways to Relish
Buknu Masala can be used just like ‘Chat Masala’. Sprinkle it on top of your dals and curries both for garnishing and uplifting the taste.

Our Buknu Masala also finds application in the preparation of Puri, ghee roti, Kadhi-Rice, and numerous other quintessential North Indian curries.

We pack it with tender, love, and care and you can store it in a dry and cool place.

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