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Product Description

As the name suggests, it’s a rare combination of white tea and flowers but that’s not its forte, the specialty of our Blooming White Tea is its crafting. It’s handcrafted by our expert tea crafters. Different types of aromatic flowers are intact and hand-rolled with white tea leaves and tied giving it the shape of a ball. What makes it more enthusiastic is its unfurling during the brewing. When it’s steeped in the hot water, the pearls of our Blooming White tea unfurls and transforms into a shape of flower making you astonished over the art of our craftsmen. Not only its craft but its majestic aroma & heavenly taste will equally amaze you as its artistry.

Health Benefits
White tea has the greater quantity of antioxidants than any tea. These antioxidants promote your health in many ways. It boosts your cardiovascular health, helps in lowering the cholesterol level in your body, boosts your metabolism hence helping you in weight loss, and reduces the risk of cancer also.
How To Brew
Specialty teas are all about brewing the right way to get the right flavor & aroma. Put the pot on the stove and wait while it starts fizzling out the bubbles, remove it from the stove. Put a ball of Blooming White Tea into the teapot and fill it with the heated water. Cover with a lid and leave it to steep for 3-5 minutes. What you are going to witness next is the majestic art involved in creating the blooming white tea.

Keep it in an airtight jar, away from sun & moisture.

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