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Product Description

The Himalayas are the breeding grounds of some of the exotic and indigenous cultural traditions. Quite inevitably, this colossal mountainous region is also home to quite a few native herbs and spices. These spices not only serve as the tastiest condiment in several culinary delicacies but also promote good health in a unique fashion. One of the notable names in this list of Himalayan spices is our uncertified organic Bhangeera Seeds. Adding these seeds to your regular food preparations or making chutneys and pickles with them are some of the best ways of consuming the product.

    Nutritional Content
    Bhangeera, also known as Cannabis, happens to be a repository of essential nutrients. The product contains nominal amounts of carbohydrates. Other than that, it is also a rich source of vitamins and proteins. Our uncertified organic Bhangeera seeds are excellent sources of Vitamin E too.

      Health Benefits
      Bhangeera seeds sourced from the foothills of Himalayas have certain amazing health benefits. Our uncertified organic Bhangeera Seeds ensure good health for your heart. Additionally, one of greatest health advantages of these seeds rests in its oil. It helps in reducing the possibilities of cancer. Nominal presence of carbs keeps diabetes at bay.

        Bhangeera Seed Recipes
        According to the classic food preparations of the Himalayan region, our uncertified organic Bhangeera seeds is primarily used to make a heavenly chutney. Roast the seeds and grind them with green coriander, mint, chili, salt and if you like it tangy, add a zest of lemon to it. These seeds can be roasted and added to soups for garnishing or just eaten solo as a healthy snack.

          Storage Tips
          Store the uncertified organic Bhangeera Seeds in air-tight containers, and keep them in cool and dry places.

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