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Product Description

The classic Indian kitchen is never complete without its authentic collection of Pooris and fried delicacies. Our Bedami Poori Atta is one of the most special additions in that list. From celebrations to regular lunch and dinners, this particular item will find application in every occasion.

Prepared from a unique amalgamation of fresh Urad dal/Black Grams and semolina/sooji, our Bedami Poori Atta will prove to be a healthy and tasty treat for your loved ones. The addition of spices and salt will make it even more interesting and palatable.

How to make Bedami Poori?
Depending on the number of family members or guests, you will need to take a specific amount of Bedami Poori Atta. After taking the specific amount, add water and knead it. You can also a spoonful of oil/ghee to it.

Once the mixture is ready, roll it into dough, set it aside for approximately 30 minutes, roll puris out of it, and then fry.

How to Cherish?
Our Bedami Poori Atta will complement every classic Indian curry. You can also have it along with pudina or Methi Chutney.

Storage Tips
Store our Bedami Poori Atta in a cool and dry place, away from moisture.

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1kg, 500 gms

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