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Product Description

Since time immemorial, Bael or wood-apple has been considered as one of the healthiest fruits. However, consumers are always in search of the most interesting way of having this super-fruit. The natural Bael Sherbat combines taste with good health and provides an interesting reason to consume bael. Additionally, the product offers numerous health benefits, thus making your experience holistic and fulfilling.

Nutritional Breakdown
The natural Bael Sherbat happens to be a treasure trove of essential nutrients. Apart from being an outstanding source of Vitamin C, natural Bael squash is a storehouse of calcium, phosphorous, tannin, fiber, iron and protein. Other than that, the product also offers you the benefits of organic compounds.

Health Benefits
Regular consumption of the Bael Sherbat performs wonders in offering relief against digestive disorders. Bael Sherbat is also an excellent detoxifying agent. As a result, it purifies your blood and imparts a glow to your skin. Additionally, Bael Sherbat is one of the healthiest products for diabetic patients.

When to Consume
Although you can serve Bael Sherbat to your guests on several occasions, the product is much more than a welcome drink. Drinking a glass of natural Bael Sherbat in your breakfast will prove to be the healthiest move. Bael Sherbat is perfect as a solo drink during the summers. You can have it at the beginning of the day, and feel healthy for the entire day.

Storage tips
Natural Bael Sherbat is best stored in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.

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