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Product Description

With the spectacular taste and goodness of fresh apple pulp, our Apple Murabba is a legendary tale of great taste. You will experience nothing other than pure bliss, with every bite of this unique item. Enjoy it along with your regular meals, or savor its delectable taste during festivities, the Apple Murabba will prove to be the perfect option for every occasion.

Nutritional Content
As a treasure trove of essential minerals, our Apple Murabba offers the right amount of antioxidants to your body. Additionally, you will also find generous concentrations of fiber and phenolic compounds. Having Apple Murabba will also fetch you the benefits of proteins and Vitamin C. Other than these compounds, this particular product is also an excellent source of phyto-chemicals.

Health Benefits
It is not just unique taste that the product offers. Rather, our Apple Murabba will offer effective relief from constipation and high cholesterol. By preventing plague buildup in your blood vessels, this particular product also improves heart health. If you are suffering from low appetite, the Apple Murabba will prove to be highly beneficial. Also to this, the product treats disorders in gall bladders.

Ways to Cherish
The Apple Murabba alone can fill the hearts of many with excitement and unadulterated joy. You can consume it as a solo food item, or keep it as an accompaniment to your full-course meals. You can also use the item to cook apple desserts.

Storage tips
Store your Apple Murabba in a cool and dry place, far away from sunlight.

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