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Product Description

Amla or gooseberry is an important fruit in every Indian household. From raw amla dipped in salt to amla pickle, this particular fruit can be consumed in quite a few ways. Imagine savoring the tangy taste of fresh amlas dipped in natural mustard oil. Our tasty and spicy Amla Pickle is inviting enough for your taste buds to have meals at home. With essential minerals and vitamins, this product will play the healthiest appetizer for you. Whether it is regular meals or a formal dinner for guests, our Amla Pickle will be the most revered choice!

Nutritional Content
With large concentrations of carbohydrates, proteins and Vitamin C, our Amla pickle is a repository of useful nutritional compounds. The product contains very low amounts of calories, which makes it the perfect food for even obese people. Our Amla Pickle is also an excellent source of sodium, Vitamin B-complex and iron.

Health Benefits
Adding our amla pickle to your lunch or dinner menu will offer relief in case of indigestion. Those suffering from chronic acidity will also feel comfort after consuming it. Our Amla Pickle will also play a crucial part in strengthening your immune system.

Ways to Cherish
The exceptional combination of luscious gooseberries and aromatic mustard oil will inevitably satiate your taste palates. Think of adding it to your chapatis or partnering it with your vegetable curries. Taste and tang simply cannot get better than this!

Storage Tips
Keep our Amla Pickle containers in a cool and dry place, away from moisture and humidity.

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