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Product Description

With the exotic union of as many as FIVE FLAVORS, the Amla Murabba happens to be a fun treat for your palates. Have it after meals or just take it along during tours, this particular product will elevate your mood, satiate your taste buds and help in digestion. Quite unlike the other preserves in the market, our Amla Murabba offers sweet, sour, pungent, bitter and astringent taste at the same time. Wait no longer and grab a jar, for a fulfilling treat.

    Nutritional Content
    As one of the healthiest fruits, Amla is a depository of numerous essential nutrients. Quite inevitably, the Amla Murabba is a rich source of Vitamin C as well as carbohydrates, carotene, and protein. Additionally, the product is an amazing source of antioxidants such as Thiamine, Nicene, and Riboflavin. You will also find generous concentrations of fiber, chromium, copper and zinc.

      Health Benefits
      The presence of essential antioxidants ensures that your body is devoid of free radicals. Prepared from fresh gooseberries, our Amla Murabba plays the key role in strengthening your immunity and improving heart health. Since ages, Amla is popular for its role in hair health. Regular consumption of the Amla Murabba will promote good health for your shiny black tresses. Apart from that, this delicious preserve will aid in digestion too.

        Ways to Relish
        You can savor the taste of our Amla Murabba along with your meals. Take it with roti or chapatti and cherish the tangy taste of the product. In quite a few Indian families, Amla Murabba is considered as a solo sweet-dish.

          Storage tips
          Store the Amla Murabba jars in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.

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